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Safe holidays after the Coronavirus? At La Staffa you can!

Dear guests, hello everyone!

In this difficult moment for everyone, our family is organizing itself in the best way to start off again as soon as possible.

We hope that your desire for a holiday has not vanished ... because we are equipping ourselves with all the restriction and safety measures provided and, immersed in our splendid countryside in the Verona area, we are not only respecting the rules, but we are also working to the post-Corona period.

We would like to create the conditions to make your stay in the La Staffa farmhouse possible, a stay to share the needs and wishes of normality, a reward stay after so many difficult months for everyone.

We are carefully evaluating all the measures planned to offer a holiday in reassuring circumstances.

We would like to be a refuge for all of you and for your post-coronavirus families, we would like to offer an atmosphere of leisure for your children and a moment of well-being in the open air for you parents.

We are confident! We will make it.

We are sanitizing our entire structure, we are equipping ourselves with all the ozone sanitization kits, so as to make all environments, both common areas and your rooms, completely sterilized.

The sanitization process with ozone sterilizes the environment, acting with maximum efficiency also on the furniture such as beds, pillows, blankets, curtains and any surface of the room by eliminating all types of impurities, even those that are impossible to see with the naked eye.

Given the uncertainty of the general situation, these measures will be updated continuously!

So continue to follow us on our site and through the pages of social networks and, in the hope of seeing you soon, we send you a virtual hug from our beautiful countryside!

Holidays in La Staffa farm and riding?