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Vineyards, orchards, olive groves color the landscapes and the Veronese hills surrounding our La Staffa farmhouse.

The hills that surround us invite you to long and pleasant walks and during your stay it will be a moment to let yourself be seduced by the always pleasant colors and temperatures, given the proximity to Lake Garda, and choose to spend a long and pleasant weekend.

Explosions of color and flavor ideas, a holiday surrounded by precise and tidy lush hills, perfect rows to create almost corners of perfect art, an enchanting atmosphere, gentle hills that give color to the landscape with a scenery of vines, olive trees and cherry trees that allow you to immerse yourself in the Veronese tradition.

Of course, here we can accompany our days by tasting typical products and fine wines, as well as by visiting museums and monuments dedicated to the city of Verona to the uses and customs of the area, testimony of an ancient and rich history.

In the restaurants and agritourisms of the area, it is always a pleasure to taste the flavors and traditions of the past, good wines linked to the local wine culture.

Around wine and its production, there are history, art and culture, the always ideal opportunity to experience an autumn weekend in our farmhouse which, given its proximity to the cities of Verona and Mantua, allows you to visit medieval castles and cities of art of extraordinary beauty through wineries and farms. Always a good reason to hurry up to visit these beautiful hills and enjoy an excellent glass of wine.

Holidays in La Staffa farm and riding?