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A long weekend at the La Staffa farmhouse in Valeggio sul Mincio certainly includes a visit to the Parco Giardino della Sigurtà, which is located a few kilometers from us.

Don't you know him?

We are talking about a park of a thousand colors and scents, it is one of the most visited gardens in Italy during the spring/summer season.

Of course, in spring it gives its best and is the best time for a visit...

We can speak of Tulipanomania, which with its million bulbs is the largest tulip flowering in southern Europe: here you will find flowers, plants, equipped areas, delimited paths, the avenue of roses which from May to September welcomes 30,000 remontant roses, eighteen mirrors of water, where during the summer you can admire aquatic plants, and immense expanses of green meadows.

In short, a real daydream!

An obligatory visit to the Castelletto, where the historical literary and scientific memories of the Sigurtà family are kept, and where the Nobels and scientists who were guests of the park are remembered, spellbinding history and charm, at the hermitage, the horizontal sundial stands on the belvedere of Romeo and Juliet, the great oak, the largest and oldest tree in the Park, four centuries old.

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