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Our family

Since the great-grandparents Virginio and Rita bought the estate in the 60s, La Staffa is inhabited by the Cattani family, who recently restored the house bringing back to light the original face.

Today, this large family is composed of grandparents Ottorino and Rosanna, with their sons David and Andrea and their wives Cristina and Maria Cristina. And finally the grandchildren: Alessandro Luca, Martina and Federica, and all together they are waiting for you at "La Staffa". To welcome you in their huge house where time marks the days, seasons and years, but does not age the cheerful soul and the brightness of the people who have always lived here.

In the history of the Cattani family the passion for horses has been handed down for generations, which today have become almost part of the family.

Ottorino, David and Andrea are all expert riders. And your patients will be teachers, for your first experiences, or excellent guides for your excursions on horseback, on the Morainic Hills, on the banks of the Mincio, to discover the ancient villages and, why not, even some typical restaurants in the area.

Holidays in La Staffa farm and riding?