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The farmer's rooms

Grandma's room is perhaps the most impressive room in the house. It proposes the authentic style of the old double rooms of the peasant mansions. This room has its origins in a past history, when the meaning it took inside the house was that of a temple. His bed was bed and cradle of entire generations and for centuries his wardrobes have preserved the few immaculate clothes of the days of celebration and, often, even the white bread and sugar, to hide them from the hands and hungry mouths of the youngest 

Spring/Summer room prices

The above prices are to be considered per person per day.

Single use € 40.00
Double € 40.00
Children 0/4 years old gratis
Children 4/13 years old € 15
Teenager 13/17 years old € 20

Holidays in La Staffa farm and riding?